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So I Got Tired of Winderz Telling Me My Win7 Was “Not Genuine”. More Idiocy from MicroCrud….

IT-operations-computer-crash-worriedSo late Thursday night my Windows 7, which is the base system that this virtual server runs on top of, began to notify me that my copy of Win7 was not genuine. Considering that I have had this Dell for almost a year it seemed a bit silly to me. But I did spend the standard 8-9 hours trying to fix the issue. I checked for viruses, I checked for malware and I looked through all the server logs.

I finally realized that since the server runs on a Virtual Machine, that all I need do is reinstall Windows 7 onto the PC and then reinstall VMWare. Then move the backup file into the correct directory from last night’s backup and, yeah…it’s all good again!

Sometimes it simply pays to go right for the easy solution and have a spare 400+ gb free drive space….


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