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I need one volunteer..just one, to try the system out…ok..3 would be better.

Tim not shown actual size
Tim not shown actual size

I have posted and shared and posted some more, but no one will even take me up on my offer of a free WordPress host site. I know, everyone thinks there is a hook somewhere, a scam, an angle, a plan. Well, you all are wrong. I just need someone to try the system out so I can make sure that I have all or most of the bugs worked out.

So I am asking my Google+ friends for one single volunteer to try the site and spread your conservative word if only for a week or so if that is your wish.

Who knows, you may find out that you really like WordPress as a blogging platform and eventually learn enough to create your very own server, with your own domain name.

I’ll be here for a few hours every night offering support/help and guidance.

So just register as a user, then send me a PM, after reading the “basics 101” post on here. (Look in Featured Posts)

That is all,


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