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Last week to try out the already set-up/function Blu Phones blog

BLU-Studio-x-2-upload2So this is the last week to go ahead and play around with the “BLU Phones Blog that is running on the demo site. (Note: the Blu phone blog is gone and a new demo is now running as of 08/25/15).

So take a minute and post some stuff! All you need do is register to find out just how easy it is to edit and post in WordPress.

Ignore the fact that you don’t own a Blu Phone or care about the subject matter, just try out doing a bit of posting, etc. Then when you have done that and decide you want a real site, login here and send me a PM via the dashboard and explain why you want a site and what sub-domain you want.


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Another video…how to use the “dummy sites”

hot newsSo right here, right now you could try out a WordPress install and setup a site. Yeah, it’s been covered here at least twice…so for those that must have (ANOTHER) video , I have chosen one of the sub domains I allocated on here and am going to setup a site, in short order…

Below is the full list of sites you can try/use:

Instructions: the sub-domain (in the video example: yfwp2) is the username/password for ALL the above sites. So if it asks for a username or password during setup…yeah…it just ain’t that difficult. For instance if the site was totallyfree.yourfreewordpress.com, the username would be….think about it, yeah totallyfree and the database name would be…totallyfree and the database password, yeah, same …totallyfree.

Watch learn…and as usual, I apologize, because this just isn’t Hollywood and I am not trying to do anything but teach.


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