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RAM upgrade appears successful…so far.

upgrade-your-RAMAs promised last week, the server has been upgraded.  Like anything else related to upgrading an older machine using after market parts, tonight’s upgrade of the server went well, with a few minor exceptions.

I had to re-order the RAM I installed to stop the errors I received initially. This is probably because I am mixing 667 MHz ram and 800 MHz ram and the old Dell chooses to run it all at the higher speed.  But after fiddling about and doing about 12 reboots all appears to be well. Of course time will tell, but for now, I can say with complete….uh, 65% confidence that the upgrade was a success and that we all have an extra 500 mb of virtual memory for the VM itself and an additional 1.5 gb for the Winderz portion of things.

I did run the Windows diagnostic on ram and it passed. No clue if that test is worth a damn, considering it is from MicroCrap…

So for now, don’t worry, be happy and sign up for a free site!


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