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Well gosh dammit I asked for a Website and Never Got One!

disk-driveWell….based on the title here…and because I do not pull any punches it means your sorry ass did not follow the rules, or simply failed to ask me how to get a free website! So in that case you are a twit but you can still redeem your sorry ass and go to Google+ and add me. Then ask me for a site AND then RTFI…on how to proceed. (RTFI=Read the Freaking Instructions).

If you can’t follow these simple instructions….then my guess is that you should neither be reproducing nor driving a car.

So the bottom line is that if you don’t follow me on Google+ and if you are NOT a conservative…well you ain’t getting a site…if that pisses you off then so be it!

Walk away..now…


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Or check out my other blog: THE Tablet Test Server

We now have 3 sites running here!

hot newsThis is pretty cool news! Not great news by any means, but pretty cool, nonetheless.

So without further adieu, I will let you know who and what they are.

  • Tim’s Tablet Server – my site that I formerly ran on an Asus tablet. Articles about tablets, tech and lots of plugin reviews.
  • A Bra Fitter’s Blog – All about the life experiences of someone who helps women fit the right accouterments for there body.
  • Infolode – Not sure what is going to be on this site, but my bet is that it will super great!

As always, check the recent posts, or the forum for info on signing up and getting your very own 2 gb free website.  Of course do not forget that you can try out the free test sites first and that your cordial host will delete ANY site posting illegal anything.

Update: 04/07/2015, If you are seeing the site on a normal everyday PC,  you will now see RSS links to the latest posts that we host!


Follow Tim on Twitter @tl1000rzx2
Or check out my other blog: THE Tablet Test Server