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In case ANYONE ever signs up for a server…I have increased disk capacity!

Tim not shown actual size
Tim not shown actual size

When I first thought of this insanity I figured I would get maybe 3 or four volunteers. Then it hit me, I might get a few more than that and using an 8 gb server just wasn’t going to hack it.

So I have increased disk capacity to 25 gb total available space. That doesn’t mean you get any more than 1 gb to start with, but you will damn sure have a better chance of being allowed a bit over.

Of course if you happen to be the first to sign up..I will give you 2gb, space. [Note here: screw around, use the space for anything illegal and I will delete you faster than John Wayne killin’ a bad guy.]

Moving on….sign the hell up, and send a PM.





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