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As Usual It Boggles My Mind That Only One Person Has Ever Tried The Demo Sites!

Question-MarkThis site offers free WordPress hosting with virtually no restrictions other than the fact that there are some system limitations. Let’s face it folks, this isn’t here to help folks setup a site that gets a bazillion hits per day, but if you have an idea for a site that would get 50-100 visitors per day, this system will work for you.

Now let’s move on to those Demo Sites, there are 3 of them listed here, there is a How-To which all but spoon feeds you how to set things up and if you have read the articles, you know I can host any domain, even if it isn’t a subdomain type website. Whatever.com will run here, just as easily as as whatever.yourfreewordpres.com. So why are people not trying out the Demo Sites or asking for a site hosting?  I actually don’t have a damned clue!

Perhaps you are uncertain about hidden costs? There are none, zero,zilch nada, zip, yeah, free.

Perhaps you think there is a hidden agenda here? Sorry, I just want to help folks learn how to run a site or simply provide hosting to your small site.

Perhaps you think this is some sort of evil hacking scheme? Uh, no, I can simply get by with setting up virtual servers and doing some routing. No evil geniuses at HQ here.

So those questions being answered, you have to ask yourself one question, “Do I want to try this stuff out?”. If the answer is yes, try out a demo site! There are no sign-ups, no logins, other than to the Demo Server itself, and no reason not to give it a try!


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