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Who Would Have Thought? Free Hosting and 2 Takers? WHAT!!??

bang-head-on-wallSo a few months back I setup the site, I allocate the memory, waste about 200 hrs figuring out how to run backups and migrate everything onto a more stable 64 bit operating system.

Then I get a whopping 2 takers on the free hosting/learning offer? Not to mention they are not asking any questions or doing any learning as yet.

The inter-web is indeed a strange place. There are very few folks willing to help without cost, teach without cost nor just offer up a few gb of space on their own server.

I believe I have missed the target on this. But then agin, I still have faith in humanity, so I shall keep this project alive for a few more months in hope that someone wants to try it out.

I am done ranting, ya’ll get back to posting on FaceCrap and InstaMoron and Twit…enjoy, have fun.


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