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I really don’t understand the lack of response.

restrictionsI know I searched all over for free internet hosting a few years back and I realized it was hard to find and that there were a lot of restrictions. So eventually I moved my conservative blog to Go Daddy, which provides excellent hosting , with some major restrictions, for only a dollar a month for the first year. A great price, but still not satisfied and realizing that most blog sites only get 15-30 hits per day I decided that once I had cable internet and a very quick up load speed, I would share the wealth on my very own home PC.

Hence the reason you are seeing  and reading this post! Sure I have occasional down times, but recently they have been rare and the upload/download speeds are very, very fast! So I bought, created and now host yourfreewordpress.com, the site you are reading this on.

What I don’t understand is that I offer free web space to Americans, who have conservative values and want to run a blog. Or at the very least get some knowledge on how to do this.  I now offer 2 gb free, virtually unrestricted web space to those who want to take advantage and I would love to see someone run a site and learn and perhaps even be successful here.

There is no money involved and there certainly are no strings attached and I am not in the business of selling email addresses, nor am I in the business of censoring content, unless it is illegal. Sure I insist that liberals walk away, because ya’ll can use FaceBook to promote your commie message, but that leaves about 50% of the USA who actually work for a living and don’t believe in liberal bullshit to set up a site.

Maybe I am just being a bit too nice about this. Perhaps if I charged for web space folks would sign up in droves? I think not. I don’t want to host more than about 10 or so websites but I would love to help 10 folks learn this Inter-web crap.

Rant over…


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