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So I am still looking for help with the Trump2016 site.

screen-grab-Trump2016-aug16thSo as a few people in the world may be aware of (that being the lazy 13 or so folks who dropped by yesterday, but did nothing), I did set up a Trump 2016 site on the server here.

I will once again reiterate that I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO maintain this site! That means that someone needs to step up to the plate and do the hour or so a day to keep the site fresh, post videos, etc…

I have checked out the “Donald’s” official site, and aside from links for donations and collecting emails, the site I have created is actually better. So, some take the hand-off here and run with the goddamned ball!

I’ll be here to help and I will give advice, but some out there must like Trump enough to want to spend time on this! Hey, if there was money involved I would be all over the opportunity, but as it is, it is a great opportunity to build a site and have some fun all while pissing off the liberals. So click here to begin.

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More demonstrations for the non-believers. Try the new test site…or I will hunt you down and…?

blu_phones_demo1Okay, I setup a purely fictitious site about Blu Phones,  as a demo to show how easily a website can be setup. It’s not that I don’t actually own a BLU phone, I do, but the point of the site was to show how quickly one could be set-up. It took me about an hour…

Go ahead, login, register, post some stuff. Sure you won’t have full rights like you would if you would simply ask for some web space, but at least someone might get the idea that this is kinda cool.

Read up a little about the basics at this page on the demo site.

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So Tonite I am bored and figured I’d share a bit about myself and what I do here.

Sizzling BaconObviously I own and run this site among numerous other sites which I cross advertise from one to the other to keep folks visiting and keep thing interesting. But today I was thinking about what really motivates me. It turns out that it is quite simple. I love the rush of challenges/learning.

Yep, it is that simple. When I decided to take a really old PC, by today’s tech standards, and make it into a viable web server I simply had to learn new stuff. So in a matter of a few months I learned how to run a server on a virtual machine, what I needed to make that machine reliable and then how to fix it when it got hacked a bit.

Turns out that each database failure taught me new lessons. Every upgrade brought new hills to climb and that every experiment taught me something.

The real truth is I look forward to coming home from work and finding that I need to change or upgrade something! I am completely bored when the server chugs on and backups work perfectly and there is simply nothing new to learn.

For instance a few month’s back I was getting a zillion comments from sites that were obviously trying to use for promotions and or to lure folks into their phishing sites. So what did I do? I learned to use my cheap router to block many an IP address and then spent a few hours learning how to use IPTables in Linux to block whole IP blocks. It was a royal pain in the ass, but, I got to learn new stuff and it turns out that today, or any average day I only end up having to block at most, 2 Chinese sites, from attempted hacks, advertising posts or simple mischief.

When I first started this site, I figured my issues would be with too many folks wanting a free site and then installing plugins that simply killed the server. Turns out that apparently I have misjudged humanity at large because only 1 person has actually bothered to setup a site and very few, if any folks visit this site, except those with bad intent.

So that’s where I am at currently. When are you going to step up, ask for a site and try it out? It will give me something to do. I enjoy helping folks and teaching what little I know to others. So register today, after reading the rules, and then follow the damned simple instructions.

That is all…


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Another video…how to use the “dummy sites”

hot newsSo right here, right now you could try out a WordPress install and setup a site. Yeah, it’s been covered here at least twice…so for those that must have (ANOTHER) video , I have chosen one of the sub domains I allocated on here and am going to setup a site, in short order…

Below is the full list of sites you can try/use:

Instructions: the sub-domain (in the video example: yfwp2) is the username/password for ALL the above sites. So if it asks for a username or password during setup…yeah…it just ain’t that difficult. For instance if the site was totallyfree.yourfreewordpress.com, the username would be….think about it, yeah totallyfree and the database name would be…totallyfree and the database password, yeah, same …totallyfree.

Watch learn…and as usual, I apologize, because this just isn’t Hollywood and I am not trying to do anything but teach.


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