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So I need some technical advice. Hubs/routers/switches and 2 VoIP lines and cable Internet.

2-phones_diagram-networkSo, the deal here at home is that I have an opportunity for a new job, working from home doing tech support. That is all well and good, I can basically fix anything, given the proper feedback from the user.

Of course the issue is simple,  I’ll need a dedicated line for this and I already have one line coming in from the cable company. So the question arises, can I simply add an Ethernet switch/hub to my cable modem and then run a Vonage line  off of that? Does anyone know if the cable companies have issues with this? Obviously Vonage is cheaper, avoids adding a second cable line/modem and/or charges for a “business” service which is actually slower than the high speeds I get through Media-com Cable Premium services. And no, I can’t get a second /overpriced line from cable without switching to business service which is, as I stated previously, inferior to residential speed wise.

If you have done this, or something similar, I would appreciate the feed back.



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