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Do you have any idea how cool it is to have your own web server? Well, when you buy new stuff, you get to create a server to write about it!

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So because I run this server, I have decided to take over a demo site just to post about the super new Asus Z580CA 8 inch tablet I just bought the other day!

Since it isn’t here just yet, no need to panic, but the site will be similar to the one I created for the Asus X553SA laptop, a few months back!

Tomorrrow night demo site 3 will revert, as promised and whatever demo site is free too use, will once again take over as my posting/demo haven.

Of course if folks were actually trying out the demo sites I would be forced to simply wait….

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I could use a little help/input. Then again, you could choose to be a selfish bastard and not share your knowlege…

923-923-helpdeskSo here we have a site dedicated to helping folks learn about WordPress and also how to setup their own server. Yet we have very little participation and although I offer some free disk space and even some test sites, no one seems interested.

So once again I a reaching out to find folks who wish to help, perhaps even post some articles. I know, before I even hit publish that no one will sign up, but I am asking anyway.

I can post a zillion articles on the server end of things, but help for folks learning to run a blog could also help folks.

So sign up, sign in and send me a message from dashboard.

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So those very few folks interested in this, might find this interesting.

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So you might just be wondering what the heck the desktop of this super server looks like. Take a look to the left, or click it for a new full size image.

My guess is that it looks a lot like what everyone else out there is running. Some Win 7,  a little bit VMware. The whole idea of this site is to teach you that you, yeah, you, with your Dell, HP, home built PC,  with a decent processor and a few spare gb of ram can run a virtual server.

I am not selling ANYTHING here, but a little knowledge and at zero cost. So drop in and learn. Or feel free to be a hacker and try to destroy, because this site gets backed up everyday and your efforts to stifle knowledge would just prove that you are unfit for normal society. On the other hand if you want to try something out, for Keehrist sakes, try one of the free dummy sites I posted about yesterday, or ASK me to set you up a more permanent site!

That is all, dismissed!



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First things to do when you are all setup.

Tim not shown actual size
Tim not shown actual size

There are any number of things you should do when your site is first running, but number one is to set up a few basic settings and install a few plugins.

Step one is to go to your Dashboard and go to the settings section and set your general settings and then Writing, Reading and Discussion sections.

Next is to install a few plugins. There are literally thousands to choose from, but the few must haves as far as I am concerned are:

  1. Jetpack – gives you stats and allows for automatic publication to a variety of Social Media.
  2. Google XML Sitemaps – a small plugin to help generate a sitemap of your site, helping the search engines find it.
  3. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam – keeps folks from signing up using bots.
  4. Sendgrid – if you want to allow folks to sign up at all, you will need an email host.

Next thing you may want to do is download and play with a few themes to see if they fit your vision of how you want your site to look.

Those are the basics of your first few hours playing around with WP and it should keep you busy for a day or so.



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Welcome to your very own Free WordPress site with no restrictions.

screenshot_01This site is designed to tell you about our little server. You need to simply apply for access and if deemed worthy you will get your own WordPress powered server to edit and play with.

Certainly there are restrictions. But most will be minimal. If you don’t use up all my bandwidth, you can have yourself a nice little WordPress test site here.

Consider it an opportunity to learn how to use WordPress without any sales hype or restrictions on what you can install. Of course, you abuse it and poof, you will be gone like a bad dream on a cold morning.

That is today’s only message.


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Or check out my other blog: THE Tablet Test Server