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A Bit of News Here…First of All, it Appears that We May Have Been Hacked Thru One of The Plugins on the Site Here…

NewsObviously the children of the World continue to attack this site every now and then, for some misguided reason in their tiny little brains.

It is no big deal because the site is backed up everyday and can be restored in just a few minutes. Of course if they are looking for info, they are obviously beyond stupid, because there is absolutely nothing of consequence stored on this web server.

But be that as it may, I dumped a plugin that appeared to have some malicious code injected into it and I am continuing to search for the asshats attacking the server each night at roughly 8:30 pm. I have already identified 1 Chinese and 3 French IP addresses that are now blocked, but I am certain there are others.

That is pretty much it, except for someone did actually run an install on Demo Site 2, which I have since reset.


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