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So you decided to run your own server on a virtual machine and need some security.

high-class-panasonic-video-camera-camcorderThis little video will show you just a few of the basic methods of killing off those annoying folks who constantly annoy your site.   It will also cement the fact in your tiny brain, that when it comes to crappy music Tim RULES! You will find that if you use a few basic tools that come with a basic VM install from Turnkey Linux Lamp Stack and your router and inside of your Apache server settings that you can keep a majority of dirtbags away from your site.

When it comes to killing IP’s feel free to kill entire blocks of addresses! Sure, you may be killing off a few visitors but on the other hand you are also keeping out the asshat who is determined to access up your server!

Bottom line is that you will need to check your logs daily and look for strange or wrong feeling comments and trackbacks on your site.

So watch the video, learn a little and perhaps avoid a situation that you don’t want to deal with. Not everything is covered here, but be aware learn, use Google to research and never give up!




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