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Server issues continue, but I am on top of it!

Crashes are a pain!
Crashes are a pain!

There have been several recent issues related to the server crashing and showing a corrupted disk the last few days. Suffice to say, I am all over those issues and running nightly backups. But if you happen to be posting something save the images and articles locally, because if they are done between backups you will lose those parts/uploaded files.

I believe this issue is related to a zero day hack of WordPress but I am as yet uncertain. In the meantime, continue on as normal and I will run a backup each evening at roughly 0200 hrs CDT.

Tonight store to check the Apache server log and see just who has been hitting the server just before these crashes. Those IP addresses will be blocked.

If you are running site here, login and update your site!

That is all…for a bit….

But I did notice an issue here…I had updated my /etc/hosts file here and it was showing a bad ip….probably not the issue, but fixed anyhoo!


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