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So what is it you wish to learn about WordPress? Post a reply and I’ll do a video.

Question-MarkThere must be more questions out there than can be counted on how to do this or that with WordPress or a Virtual Machine. So tonight I am asking for for those questions, so I can help out.

It doesn’t matter if it is a really basic question or something about setting up your server, or just a how-to on how to setup this plugin or that. If I can, I will try to help.

I am more of a server-end guy, so be gentle with the questions on php editing and save those for the folks at WordPress.org. But if you want to ask server questions, such as where to find files, what to chmod, or how to chmod, or even just some basic server/computer/VM questions, I am here to help.

Yes, you have to register to post comments, or send a PM, via the messaging system or to use the forum, but that is sort of how the inter-web works.

So for now I shall sit back and wait. Ask away, and while there is no guarantee I will know the answer, I will damned sure find the answer for you.


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