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adrotate--revive1You can show ads from a bazillion advertisers, using a zillion different methods of ad delivery. Trust me, over the years I have tried a few.  But tonight I am going to focus on 2 simple programs you can use with WordPress, to rotate some different kinds of ads on your site easily and without a lot of thought process.

The first item of course is installing the Adrotate plugin on your site. It is easy to set-up and relatively easy to use and the basic version is free.  You basically set up your groups and then create your ads following the on screen instructions, and put them into the correct groups.

Now, here is the key, you can pay the Adrotate folks a bunch of money for targeting and scheduling, and other tiny details or…you can install Revive adserver, set up all your advertisers there, set up your campaigns and zones and a million other tweaks and then insert one piece of code into your website, using adrotate to display a variety of ads based on the content, weighting, etc. (I do recommend donating to the Adrotate folks so they keep providing the free version!)

Obviously this increases the load on your server, but if you are like me and get at most a few thousand hits per day, this is not an issue.

You simply insert the correct invocation code for a particular zone from Revive, into your adrotate ads manager, which of course you assign to your vertical, horizontal or even video adverts. So if you only have 1 site, you might only have 2 adverts, maybe 3, to place using the Adrotate plugin, while the Revive adserver does all the heavy lifting by sending the ad when it gets the request.

Now in this short article I haven’t covered many details and that is because I don’t really have anyone utilizing the free hosting here.

So you could try setting up a demo site and playing with Adrotate, and if you wish I can give you user access to the Revive server here, so you can create some adverts. But until someone shows some interest, I will just point out the obvious and hope some get’s clued in.

For those who are even a tiny bit interested, you can try out the Revive test account by going here and then logging in using username testuser and the top secret password….wait for it…”testuser”…sigh, no quotes!

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Those little banner ads, how to do them? Check out AdRotate plugin!

get_adrotate1Ever wondered how those ads appear on WP sites and always seem to change and be seamless, but different? Yeah, there is a plugin for that and tonight’s video will show just a very little about using AdRotate.

It’s certainly not my best video, but it gets the point across…


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Or check out my other blog: THE Tablet Test Server