So in addition to the 3 Demo Sites I setup a fully Operational Asus Products site about a month ago.The timer is ticking…


Yes folks, I set up a handy-dandy website for anyone who is a fan of Asus products and so far the number of folks who decided to sign up is exactly ZERO!

I am still simply amazed at the number of folks who have no urge to do anything, but muddle along using social media which was created for morons. No offense folks, but all social media is directed to ease of use for the lowest common sense humans on the planet. Cat won’t even use it!

So now that I have insulted the masses, perhaps one of you will get off your dead ass and take over the Asus Products site blog. You can change it in anyway you wish. Reset the focus, perhaps even the manufacturer (not a good idea, considering the domain name). But you have only until Sunday to DO something.


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