Server Upgrade in Progress. This will mean occasional outages….

bang-head-on-wallI am trying to move all the virtual hosts on this machine to a new server, because right now the current VM has some serious issues. For the most part it appears like all is well, but I can assure you that it is not. Certain functions have ceased to work at the operating system level and that has me rather nervous, so we will be moving all sites over to Debian 8 in the next week or so.

It would be a fairly simply move had I wrritten up all the tweaks I did to Debian 7.2, but alas I did not. So if the server is down or appears to be broken, fear not, all data is being backed up and hopefully not much will be lost.

All that being said I must take a moment to brag about the device I am using primary to do all this work and that is my LogiTab/Dragon Touch Tablet. You can actually get more info on it at

Notes on the upgrade: moving to Debian 8 and upgrading the server ram to a total of 8 gb, of which 3 will be reserved for the base Windows 7 operating system, which the VM runs on top of.

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