Did you know that you can use your own domain on YourFreewordPress Hosting?

awesomeconservative_screenshot_yfwp_siteActually neither did I until I realized that my awesomeconservative website was due for a renewal. It turns out that Go Daddy wanted a ridiculously high price to host a site that on a good day gets an average of 20 visitors.

So I said to myself…”Self (which is how I usually refer to me), why don’t you go back to hosting this at home?”. Then a few seconds later I said “BRILLIANT!” . So now that website was moved here via Go Daddy’s DNS control panel. Sure I still pay them for the registration, but for nothing more.

So the lesson here is you could be getting free web hosting for your WordPress site right here, using YOUR domain name!

As usual, there are a few restrictions, such as using FTP. But if you just want to import your posts here or set-up a brand new site, I can get you going quite easily and for the magic number of free! That is zero dollars per month or year or century. You also get access to our Revive adserver if you need a service to rotate  adverts! You can learn about and try the test account here.

I will always be here to help with questions and configuration issues. So what on earth do you have to lose? Try us out today! Or try one of the demo sites just to get a feel.


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New site! I like my new tablet enough that I created a blog for owners!

SoScreenshot_2015-10-10-12-42-17 the other day I decided that this new tablet is great! So I created a website devoted to the Dragon Touch X10 tablet.

Anyone who owns one of these nice, inexpensive tablets is welcome to register and post their own articles on the site. So stop on by and check it out to share, find tech specs or watch the videos.

The site is right here!

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Or check out my other blog: THE Tablet Test Server