Because I think even the non-particpants who visit this site need to know…a short Video on the K480 Keyboard!

Yes, most of the folks who visit this site never do a damn thing on the internet, because they are content to post videos and images and “memes”.

So in keeping with that tradition is a video I am borrowing from my Tablets sites, where folks actually care about technology and nifty accessories……

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All Demo sites have been Reset to “Ready to Install” status.

demo_site_stickerI am sure that at least a few folks took a peek at the Demo site 3, but because no one did a damned thing with it, or the other 2 sites for that matter, I have reverted it back to “Ready to Install” status.

All you need do it go to any of the 3 sites below and run the install to try out WordPress. As I havve written numerous times and will explain once more, the username/password and database name are all the subdomain name, so therefore would have a password/username/database name of? Yeah, totallyfree.

The demo sites are as follows:

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Occasionally I AM A COMPLETE Idiot…or “How I wasted over an Hour Looking for a Hack that was merely part of a Plugin!”

thunbs_up1I am sure we have all done this, well at least I hope when I say “we” at least 4 or 5 folks have done this…

I noticed on my personal blog page that my images were linked to or being served from some strange site  “ or “”, etc, etc.  So I immediately went into panic mode and began searching the web for what this terrible “hack” could be. After wasting an hour or so, I looked at my stats and noticed that when I clicked for full size images they linked to “Photon”, scary stuff right? Only if it is Friday, and you happen to be very tired and have no clue that you enabled Photon on your Jetpack Plugin from WordPress, which serves up images from the cloud.

So for tonite I will admit, that even I do not know it all, but I will also point out that at least looking for suspicious activity means you are being aware….(or just plain paranoid).


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Demo Site 2 has reverted back to a pure demo site…TRY it out!

demo2I have reverted the “Demo 2” website back to it’s original state. So it is now available to install from scratch.

If you want to try a site that is already built, go to, register, become an instant admin and play to your heart’s content.

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In a blatant attempt to use greed to attract folks we a giving away a cell phone!

Wow! It’s Crap!


Update: 09/11/2015 – Obviously this fabulous prize didn’t work, so I am suspending this contest, in hopes that someone out there will remove their head from their ass and at least try out the demo sites.

Don’t get too excited there folks. It is an absolutely crappy, AT&T, Go Phone, flip phone. But, on the other hand, since it is rather not  marketable, even if it is new, but used for about a month and a half, it is still a cell phone you can give to your kid or dog, or your aunt from the boonies who does not do Internet.

So here are the rules.

  • Either register here and ask for a permanent sub-domain, OR use the free demo sites available to try out the site and create a nifty site and impress me.
  • You can use ANY of the demo sites available. But I am not going to provide you the links to them, since those sites have been posted here numerous times. (time to learn/search)
  • Contest is only open to folks living in the USA.

I am rather looking forward to folks using thos demo sites and fighting it out. There are ways to keep folks off “your” demo site and that is perfectly fair.  First person with a decent site will win. Post any crap, don’t do any editing, don’t create any posts and the contest will restart next week.

You have until Friday night 04Sept2015, at 2300 (11:00pm) CDT to do something.

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I am still puzzled by the cold reception this site has received…

Tim not shown actual size
Tim not shown actual size

Sure it just runs on a Virtual Machine and it isn’t hosted on some huge conglomerate’s massive cloud servers. Sure, it isn’t the fastest web site on the planet, after all bandwidth is limited a bit.

Now lets look at the upsides here.

  • There are no restrictions on the plugins you can install.
  • There is basically no restrictions on the demo sites and only a few if you want a permanent site. There are a few content restrictions, such as anything even vaguely anti-American or pro-terrorism, or any promotion of violence against any particular group of people.
  • You can learn, play and eventually perhaps decide to get a real site somewhere else, after you are confident you have learned how to use WordPress. Or you can stay here and post away like a madman.
  • You can get personal tech support here. There will never be a charge to use the server and as long as you don’t abuse the privilege, you are welcome to play here as long as you wish. Besides, 2 gb of free web space is hard to find these days.

So why in the hell is no one even trying the demo sites? I figured that I would at least see some moron posting garbage up, but as yet I haven’t seen a single soul even register.

That is all,


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