More demonstrations for the non-believers. Try the new test site…or I will hunt you down and…?

blu_phones_demo1Okay, I setup a purely fictitious site about Blu Phones,  as a demo to show how easily a website can be setup. It’s not that I don’t actually own a BLU phone, I do, but the point of the site was to show how quickly one could be set-up. It took me about an hour…

Go ahead, login, register, post some stuff. Sure you won’t have full rights like you would if you would simply ask for some web space, but at least someone might get the idea that this is kinda cool.

Read up a little about the basics at this page on the demo site.

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Back to Basics here folks…I would be ecstatic if even ONE Person tried out the test sites.

hot newsI find it rather amazing that so far the only ones actually using this domain are myself and one good friend from Australia.

I simply find it incomprehensible that in a world full of social media geeks, more people would rather spend time putting up silly ass posts on Google Plus and Facebook and Instagram, when they could actually build their own website to express their views and share those posts via the aforementioned, “social media”, short attention span, web sites.

But then again, that’s just me. But just in case anyone is interested, the demo sites are below. Try them out, set-up a site, play around and IF you like the concept, then by all means register for this site and then send me a PM via the dashboard and tell me what you need as far as subdomain name and what you intend to do with it.

So here are the test sites, remember, they get dumped every few days, so that other folks can try them.

Instructions: the sub-domain (in the video example: yfwp2) is the username/password for ALL the above sites. So if it asks for a username or password during setup…yeah…it just ain’t that difficult. For instance if the site was, the username would be….think about it, yeah totallyfree and the database name would be…totallyfree and the database password, yeah, same …totallyfree.

Need video? Yeah? Okay, check the previous post on this subject.

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Another IP block bites the dust. Spammers never learn.

hot newsSo once again I see another trackback/ping from a Chinese address pointing back to this site. So to all you folks in China (and elsewhere), this IP block is now banned:  It is too bad some dirtbag is preventing people from viewing this site and at least trying out the WordPress program. No I would not offer them a free site here, because they have plenty of places they can setup a site, unless of course they gave me a valid argument otherwise, such as their commie country blocking their free speech.

So once again, I will reiterate the basics here. Don’t waste your time spamming the site, it will all go bye-bye in a few hours. On the other hand if you are genuinely interested in trying out WordPress you can use the free demo test sites to try it. If you think it will work for you, then you simply need only register and send me a PM explaining why I should give you 2 gb of free disk space and a name to use for the sub-domain.

Update and they still keep giving me blocks to ban! No problem! You folks at:,  which of course will never see this have been banned. Sorry, not my fault, server policy. Link to ANY advertising site using a trackback/ping and you ARE gone!

Oh my…more Chinese IP’s GONE! You folks on  IP block can thank your local spammer. Oh, wait, never mind, you won’t be able to access this site anymore…

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So you decided to run your own server on a virtual machine and need some security.

high-class-panasonic-video-camera-camcorderThis little video will show you just a few of the basic methods of killing off those annoying folks who constantly annoy your site.   It will also cement the fact in your tiny brain, that when it comes to crappy music Tim RULES! You will find that if you use a few basic tools that come with a basic VM install from Turnkey Linux Lamp Stack and your router and inside of your Apache server settings that you can keep a majority of dirtbags away from your site.

When it comes to killing IP’s feel free to kill entire blocks of addresses! Sure, you may be killing off a few visitors but on the other hand you are also keeping out the asshat who is determined to access up your server!

Bottom line is that you will need to check your logs daily and look for strange or wrong feeling comments and trackbacks on your site.

So watch the video, learn a little and perhaps avoid a situation that you don’t want to deal with. Not everything is covered here, but be aware learn, use Google to research and never give up!




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Or check out my other blog: THE Tablet Test Server