You know what’s great about spammers? Yeah, banning their entire country one segment at a time.

bang-head-on-wallIt’s too bad for the honest folks in China, because so far I have had to shutoff about 1/4 of the address segments from there due to spammers who obviously have zero brains.

That’s okay by me…I don’t know anyone in China and I really don’t give a crap about them. But you idiots keep it up, it saves me from researching all the government hacking addresses and spammer addresses.

Update 07/09/2015: and another whole block of Chinese commie addresses gets blocked! The real question is why waste your time trying to post comments on a site that will deny them in the first place? My guess? The Chinese ain’t all that bright….

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Bad people…firewalls, life is good! IP Tables is YOUR friend.

up-yoursSo the last few days I noticed I had all these unapproved comments on this site. It took me about 30 seconds tonight to find the source and then ban that entire IP string from this site.

For the folks in China who think we can’t fight back…my message is UP YOURS, BABY!

Updated: 07-07-2015 and so the idiot comment spammers continue. Perhaps in the misguided belief that somehow their comments/spam will ever appear on this site. Thanks idiots, you will eventually lead me to all the China IP’s which I will merely ban from access.

You may now return to perusing this site…


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Just a reminder….

elephant-279901_640Just another reminder in a long list of “another reminders”, we still have lots of disk space to spare and you could be testing out or even running your site right here on without restrictions in less than 24 hrs!

So take a damned test drive and visit any of the test sites to try doing an install and setting up your own WP site!

As usual, the login/pass for each site and database is the same, just the sub domain name.  So totallyfree.yourwordpress. com, would have a password of totallyfree, a username of totallyfree and a database name of…yeah, totallyfree. These are merely test sites to show you how easy it is. Then if interested, you become a user on this site and send me a PM from the dashboard to request a username, database/subdomain.

So here are the three test domains available:


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