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Geek(s) Needed…

web-geek-geeks-21693472-900-563This site will never be super-fast, nor super huge, but I sure could use help with the admin chores on it.

This is your chance to play admin/god on a web site with very little oversight from me. Restrictions are simple, you must be someone I know , a conservative, pro-gun, anti-global warming and hate CNN. Pretty simple, because most of the folks in my G+ circles are all that.

The job….pays nada, takes only a few minutes per day and requires basic computer skills. The goal, find 3-5 folks who want to learn wordPress and help them do just that.

That is all…leave comments below if interested.

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Welcome to your very own Free WordPress site with no restrictions.

screenshot_01This site is designed to tell you about our little server. You need to simply apply for access and if deemed worthy you will get your own WordPress powered server to edit and play with.

Certainly there are restrictions. But most will be minimal. If you don’t use up all my bandwidth, you can have yourself a nice little WordPress test site here.

Consider it an opportunity to learn how to use WordPress without any sales hype or restrictions on what you can install. Of course, you abuse it and poof, you will be gone like a bad dream on a cold morning.

That is today’s only message.


Follow Tim on Twitter @tl1000rzx2
Or check out my other blog: THE Tablet Test Server