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How to use your free site. Basics 101

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Tim not shown actual size

Assuming that you have posted a comment or contacted me requesting a site and that I have approved it and set it up for you there will be a few steps you will need to take.

I will ask you for a username/domain name. This name will be used to create the subdomain assigned to you. For example, if you requested “superconservative”, your domain will end up being ““.

I will then setup a database and username/password for it and send you that information. All the WordPress files will be awaiting you at the address you requested. (your user/domain name). So based on the example above, you would simply go to and you would arrive at the install screen. From there on you need only follow the onscreen instructions and use the correct database, username/pass for that database.

Once installed, your site will be up and running. It is just that easy. If you need to setup email, you will need to use Sendgrid.  You will need to signup for a free account and probably explain to them what you are using your website for. They will give you 400 free emails per day, although I would hope that in trade you would see fit to throw a few banners up for them.

Once you have everything installed you will want to go to and search for plugins, at which time you can sign up for a account and then install the Jetpack plugin. It is probably the best plugin to start out with.

Now those are the basics.  If you have comments you are encouraged to make them.



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