Rules_and_RegulationsHow can I get a server?

  1. Register on this site.
  2. Leave a comment on any post asking for your own server. Or go into Dashboard and send me a PM. Just ask for a sub-domain name, and I’ll get you setup. You will have to run the install yourself, unless you request otherwise, but since this is supposed to be a learning experience, I suggest you at least try it.
  3. Make a good case why I should let you use my 2 gb disk space.


The rule book for running a server here is quite simple.

  1. Keep your bandwidth usage down. Edit your photos to a reasonable size, or call them from a host such as Google drive.
  2. Limit you content to something that isn’t against the law. If I have to specify, then you don’t have any common sense and you probably shouldn’t consider getting a site here.
  3. This will anger many folks, but if you are a liberal, left-wing, democrat, environmentalist, or if you believe that America isn’t the greatest nation on earth, walk away now. You might say I am discriminating and the answer is yes I am.  You have every right to express your opinions, just no right to use my machinery.
  4. If you are not an American, sorry, hit the road. Except for a few folks I know personally.

Those are the only rules at this time. Of course I reserve the right to change them at any time, but, I will always make folks aware in advance.

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