This site is here for one purpose and that is simply to let anyone with similar viewpoints edit/learn/play with WordPress. In short this means liberals be gone…scurry away and play on Facebook.

Restrictions are few and retribution for hacking or misuse is terrible.

For folks who want their own domain name, without the yourfreewordpress.com attached, that is easily possible. I CAN do that! Easily as a matter of fact!  www.awesomeconservative.com runs here along side all the other sites here, so that is no big deal. Obviously the IP changes occasionally, but if you have a domain provider like changeip.com, it takes just a few minutes to switch the ip up whenever it changes, which will be reported on this website. It has changed once in the last seven months.

In all seriousness, I am simply tired of using WP sites that don’t allow you to play around installing stuff, so I decided to create my own virtual server to allow just that sort of crazy behavior.

How much room will I have? I am not even certain of that myself. The idea here is to learn, play and eventually find your own place on the web. I will allow roughly 2 gb of disk space for now.

I have coined a nickname for this service and it is Project5. That is because it is the 5th project I am working on.

That is all I got for now….If you want to participate, super! Just leave a comment somewhere indicating your wishes. Or contact me on Google+.

Tim Pearcy


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Or check out my other blog: THE Tablet Test Server

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    1. If you are serious concerning the comment you left you will find I am quite open to adverts running on this site and the other sites I maintain.
      I am also open to testing products in exchange for free advertising. I use this server to run my tablets site where I write about, test and honestly review new products, primarily tablets.

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