instruction-manual-356x261There are 2 demo sites here available to anyone to learn on. You can run an install and then proceed to have some fun setting up a WordPress site.

You can install any sort of theme or plugin you wish. Usually I reset the sites after 24-48 hrs, but that is when I remember to check them. Should you feel you want a permanent site you simply need to register on this site and then contact me via the PM system in the dashboard. Just let me know what your site content will be and a subdomain name. Example: I will contact you back via PM or email if you leave that in your message.

Now here is how to setup a demo site. There are 2 of them and they have the subdomain names of  ypwp2 and yfwp3. So when you click on the demo site links below or on the main page right sidebar, you will see that subdomain name in the address screen on your address bar in your browser.

Now the not so complicated instructions on running the setup. You will need to provide a database name, a database username and a database user password. Now pay attention because this is where it gets super simple! Both of the aforementioned items are the same and they are the subdomain name! Yeah, it’s that easy! so if for example you click on Demo Site 2, the database would be yfwp2 and the database user would be yfwp2 and the database password would be yfwp2.

I couldn’t make it any simpler folks. So give it a try today! The Demo site links are as follows:

For those who must have video, well, here you go! Keep in mind I have removed Demo Site 1 for the foreseeable future.


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