Server errors are a conundrum! Not sure what the issues are….yet.

Lucky I have padded walls!
Lucky I have padded walls!

Lately I have had a series of issues. Many solved by simply ordering a lot more ram for the Dell Server here, but there have been other issues such as virtual hosts simply disappearing from the machine. Oh, the files were not gone, just the VM entries in Apache.

So I tried an upgrade to a newer server software and was rewarded with exactly the same behavior.

Obviously the hack the other day did little to inspire confidence, but that issue is solved, for now.  But since there really is no secure info on this machine I am not going to spend all my time off work upgrading security.

I did make some tweaks to Apache today, but noticed as I fixed two virtual machines that their files contained directives from a different virtual server. At this point ALL servers are up and running again. Confidence is ….medium.


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