We are now sitting on top of Windows 10, and it ain’t half bad!

It will run on a Dell Optiplex 745!
It will run on a Dell Optiplex 745!

So the underlying system here is Windows 10 now with VMWare running the Virtual Machine in Linux. I upgraded tonight and so far everything works. One word of caution to those running VMWare, you will probably need to do a re-install and select “repair” so that your VM(s) will have properly running bridged adapters.

Other than that, I am pleasantly surprised that Win 10 runs on a Dell Optiplex 745, from the stone age.

11/4/2015: while the operating system worked fine it refused to “activate”, so not being one to mess around, we are back onto a Windows 7 host system. I guess I’ll just have to buy a copy of Win 10, since the free upgrade doesn’t work…


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