So something was Crashing the Server Here….China to be Exact.

IT-operations-computer-crash-worriedSo for about a week now I have been getting database errors and server crashes randomly. Then I finally checked the different sites here and did a bit of research (meaning I checked my emails). I noticed a huge increase in comments posted on the Trump2016 site, which is supposed to have an admin watching over it, but that is another story. I checked the IP of the incoming comments and realized we were being spammed all to hell and guess where all the comments came from? Yeah, China, as usual, all from one IP segment with a few different last octet addresses.

So I edited that site to only accept comments from registered users and blocked the entire segment from the server. Problem solved? Probably for now, but they will keep trying I am sure. I really do hate Chinese scumbag spammers….bastards!


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