So You Have Decided To Run Your Very Own VM and Host Your Own Site…and Then the Power Goes Out….Not a Big Deal…Really!

7728373_GSo you have decided to host your own website in much the same fashion as I do. I applaud you for your determination and for your ability to see beyond the corporate hosting stucture!

Of course, eventually, because you are a single point of contact on the interweb, just as I am, your site might drop off the radar when the power drops out. I know, that is not normal for you East/West coast, big city jackasses, but in the rest of the USA it does happen.

So what do I do to bring my website(s) back online here in the land of Daniel Boone and backwards thinking?  Well….I use Wake on Lan…yeah an APP on Google Play to wake the PC up  once the power has been restored.Wake onLAN Then I use another FREE app called Teamviewer to control my sorry ass Windows 7 machine and re-fire the Linux VM.



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