I Updated the 2 Demo Sites to the Latest WP Version.

Primarily for security reasons I have updated both the demo sites to the latest version. I would also like to mention that I paid for this domain for one more year, not that ANYONE has taken advantage of it.

To date we have a few participants, but the busiest site on this domain is my very own tablets.yourfreewordpress.com site which does quite well and is the only reason I didn’t dump this domain.

Keep in mind, if no one decides to participate or if all I see are fake email subscribers used by bots to attempt to hack the site, I can easily move my tablets site and this one will merely be discontinued.

I can’t even fathom why no one has taken advantage of at least trying out the demos to see if WordPress is the way to go for them. It boggles the mind that hackers can find this site but average folks seem to totally ignore it without at least a feeble attempt to use the demos.


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