Another Upgrade is on the Way. Server Update to latest Apache.

923-923-helpdeskI was reading a few stories yesterday about WordPress sites being hacked for various types of evil. The usual hackers infecting machines with malware via injection.  So of course I went ahead and checked the server here to make sure we were not among those sites.

The site itself is clean but, the site I used to check it, did find that we are running Apache 2.2.22 and it is vulnerable to some hacks. I know I have the latest patches installed, but I did decide to install the latest Turnkey Linux, Virtual Machine LAMP stack.  The install of course is the easy part, then I remembered how much of a hassle it was moving all my stuff off my old Linux PC onto this current version of Linux VM.

Suffice to say, the move will eventually occur, but it may take weeks, as I have to lookup all the steps I had to take to set up the server the first time several months ago.

I will document each and every step this time and post them all here for those interested in setting up their own VM at home.

In the meantime, be assured that I scan the site regularly for security issues and I have about half the world blocked out via IPTables (firewall), so there are no known security issues on this site. Hell, I can’t even get a hacker to try setting up one of the demo sites!

Have a great weekend folks,


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