So you want to play first? Okay, no problem.

test-1-2-3I have gone ahead and setup a dummy website, named Don’t worry, it won’t stick around forever, but if you want to try installing WordPress and playing with it, here is your chance.

Just go to and do the install! The username is totallyfree and the password is..yeah, same damned thing: totallyfree.  Coincidentally, the database name is also the same. I will be resetting the site once per day. So first one in gets to play, once per 24 hrs.

Before trying this look closely at the image below. If your’s doesn’t look like this, well, then you have failed.

click for full size!







Since I first wrote this I realized I may have more than 1 tester per day, so I have also added so use the links below to access them. As above the subdomain name and the database and the password are all the same. So if you try the username/password/database name will all be yfwp2. Simple enough?

When you go to one of the sites to try it, this is what you will see if it is unused, the red text won’t be there, of course:










Below is the full list of sites you can try/use:

You need video? OK…



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