I just added our first real site yesterday.

Tim not shown actual size
Tim not shown actual size

Of course it was one of my own sites, but I figured, what the hell, why not move a dynamic hosted site on a domain that raises flags all over the planet earth to a real, defined domain.


So say hello to tablets.yourfreewordpress.com. It isn’t new, it isn’t amazing, but it works and so could your small website. I will keep hammering away till someone actually takes me up on my offer of a free website and 1-gb free space to learn, play and grow.  If this doesn’t appeal to you, move on, nothing to see here but opportunity.

It still puzzles me that no one in the USA has at least inquired about my offer. I know, there are wonderful hosts out there who can do far more than me, but rarely will you find one with low restrictions and the offer of free help.


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