So I am still looking for help with the Trump2016 site.

screen-grab-Trump2016-aug16thSo as a few people in the world may be aware of (that being the lazy 13 or so folks who dropped by yesterday, but did nothing), I did set up a Trump 2016 site on the server here.

I will once again reiterate that I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO maintain this site! That means that someone needs to step up to the plate and do the hour or so a day to keep the site fresh, post videos, etc…

I have checked out the “Donald’s” official site, and aside from links for donations and collecting emails, the site I have created is actually better. So, some take the hand-off here and run with the goddamned ball!

I’ll be here to help and I will give advice, but some out there must like Trump enough to want to spend time on this! Hey, if there was money involved I would be all over the opportunity, but as it is, it is a great opportunity to build a site and have some fun all while pissing off the liberals. So click here to begin.

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