I am selling my Asus HD-7 Tablet, interested? Let me know!

Update: The tablet has been sold and some lucky person now has a kick-ass tablet that the world ignored for almost 2 months on Craig’s List….

So I currently own two 7-in tablets both Asus, both very nice. But lets face it, how many tablets does one person need?  So the older tablet is for sale. It has a case, a 16 gb microSD card and is in excellent shape.  The model name is ME173x also known as an Asus HD7.

It happens to be green in color, but if you are basing your purchase of tablet on the color of the product/case, well, I won’t say you are none-too-bright, but I will say, you are overly fashion conscious, since the only part of a tablet that matters is the screen you are viewing.

If you are interested, let me know. The price is negotiable. If you happen to live in Kentucky’s western counties I will meet and deliver the product in person. If you live elsewhere well that comes down to if I trust you or not. Incidentally if you happen to know someone who might be interested and they live in Western KY then by all means send them the link to this post, or just the link from the image at the top of the article, to the Craig’s list listing.

Click the image at the top if this article to see the listing/specs…

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  1. In case no one noticed, I have reduced the price. Sure folks you can buy a shiny new “knock-off” tablet for about the same price. Check the specs, then check the price of a microSD card, then contact me.

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