So I setup a WordPress site devoted to Asus products, wide open for someone to take over and run with…

Ready Made Site, Start editing! Click the image.
Ready Made Site, Start editing! Click the image.

…and like most of the stuff I do here, it hasn’t been accessed, hasn’t had a registration and hasn’t even been defaced! (no, I am not asking for it to be hacked)

However folks this is a free, pre-built, but completely edititable site available to the first Asus fan that shows up to register and take over. Registration gets you admin rights and that means you can play away with themes, appearance and content.

So someone show some initiative and help relieve me of my conundrum, which is, do I just dump this virtual server? The answer should be no, but, after a week, I am having my doubts…the site is here!


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