So in order to make my life easier, I purchased a super cheap 10 inch Tablet!

You might be asking yourself what the hell does this have to do with free hosting? Well genius it means I can/will be able to use my Bluetooth keyboard and the new 10.6 inch tablet as my primary editing platform.dragon_touch_X10-300x300

This means I will not be tying up your server here and wasting RAM that could otherwise be used for you…. Yes, you, if you ever decided to set up a site using our service.

So if you happen to be into tablets, you can find all the details on my tablet site that is hosted here!

The tablet has arrived and is fantastic! I did a short review of it with some videos on the Tablet site.

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I installed Demo Site 3 last night. So if you are worried about the install, try it and play!

demo2So last night I ran the incredibly simple install on Demo site 3 and set it up for those too timid to try their own install. So register and you get instant admin right and you can play around, do some posts, test out a plugin, etc,etc.

No more excuses, try it today.

This site has now reverted to install from scratch status.

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Free Revive Adserver Test account video. Give it a try.

The adserver has been updated to ver. 3.2.2 and is still is open to anyone who would like to test out the server/software. So watch the video then give it a try at this address. Using a login of testuser and a password of testuser.

Anyone who hosts with us will get a user account on the adserver for their own use.

This post update 02/16/16.


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adrotate--revive1You can show ads from a bazillion advertisers, using a zillion different methods of ad delivery. Trust me, over the years I have tried a few.  But tonight I am going to focus on 2 simple programs you can use with WordPress, to rotate some different kinds of ads on your site easily and without a lot of thought process.

The first item of course is installing the Adrotate plugin on your site. It is easy to set-up and relatively easy to use and the basic version is free.  You basically set up your groups and then create your ads following the on screen instructions, and put them into the correct groups.

Now, here is the key, you can pay the Adrotate folks a bunch of money for targeting and scheduling, and other tiny details or…you can install Revive adserver, set up all your advertisers there, set up your campaigns and zones and a million other tweaks and then insert one piece of code into your website, using adrotate to display a variety of ads based on the content, weighting, etc. (I do recommend donating to the Adrotate folks so they keep providing the free version!)

Obviously this increases the load on your server, but if you are like me and get at most a few thousand hits per day, this is not an issue.

You simply insert the correct invocation code for a particular zone from Revive, into your adrotate ads manager, which of course you assign to your vertical, horizontal or even video adverts. So if you only have 1 site, you might only have 2 adverts, maybe 3, to place using the Adrotate plugin, while the Revive adserver does all the heavy lifting by sending the ad when it gets the request.

Now in this short article I haven’t covered many details and that is because I don’t really have anyone utilizing the free hosting here.

So you could try setting up a demo site and playing with Adrotate, and if you wish I can give you user access to the Revive server here, so you can create some adverts. But until someone shows some interest, I will just point out the obvious and hope some get’s clued in.

For those who are even a tiny bit interested, you can try out the Revive test account by going here and then logging in using username testuser and the top secret password….wait for it…”testuser”…sigh, no quotes!

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Another Upgrade is on the Way. Server Update to latest Apache.

923-923-helpdeskI was reading a few stories yesterday about WordPress sites being hacked for various types of evil. The usual hackers infecting machines with malware via injection.  So of course I went ahead and checked the server here to make sure we were not among those sites.

The site itself is clean but, the site I used to check it, did find that we are running Apache 2.2.22 and it is vulnerable to some hacks. I know I have the latest patches installed, but I did decide to install the latest Turnkey Linux, Virtual Machine LAMP stack.  The install of course is the easy part, then I remembered how much of a hassle it was moving all my stuff off my old Linux PC onto this current version of Linux VM.

Suffice to say, the move will eventually occur, but it may take weeks, as I have to lookup all the steps I had to take to set up the server the first time several months ago.

I will document each and every step this time and post them all here for those interested in setting up their own VM at home.

In the meantime, be assured that I scan the site regularly for security issues and I have about half the world blocked out via IPTables (firewall), so there are no known security issues on this site. Hell, I can’t even get a hacker to try setting up one of the demo sites!

Have a great weekend folks,


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For those looking to do a demo install, the links are on the Home Page!

demo_links1You need look to no farther than the right sidebar on any page on this site to find the links to the 3 sites that you can try installing and playing around with. Click the image in this article to see a full size image of where these apparently hard to find links are.

As usual, the username/database name/password is the sub-domain name. Example, would have  a username, etc, of “totallyfree”.  Simple enough?

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