Thanks Spammers! For giving me a ton of Chinese IP address blocks to ban!

thunbs_up1Folks, don’t bother spamming this site with your trackback links that lead to less than legal websites. Those links never show and I merely use them as a resource to send to my firewall and ban entire IP blocks.

Worse yet I pass them on to other folks who work to hack said sites for the promotion of democracy… have a nice day asshats.

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I occasionally promote myself…because, well…I can. A short video on a script I edited…vLot

vlot2It finally occurred to me today that I simply do not promote the fantastical script that I edited the crap out of last year and made much better than it was.

The best part of this whole endeavor was that I offer my own edited version for free, just like the original! Sure, if you want to pay me to edit some more or set it up, I’ll happily take your money, but the bottom line is that this Car Dealership software works, is easy to edit and runs MUCH faster than any WordPress based theme/plugin type site.

So without further ado, I invite those interested in cars (or bikes, or tractors, or whatever the hell you are selling) to spend 7 minutes and watch….

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What? You want to backup your server?

So once you learn how easy it is to run a Wordress server from a virtual machine you will begin to think, “Oh crap, how do I back this site up?” Of course you can use the UpdraftPlus plugin to back up the database, but… still worry. Well I do…so…of course I have created another less than Hollyweird quality video to show you just how easily this is accomplished.

So watch and learn and endure the crap music….


Bottom line is you will need a spare Hard drive and  USB Dock to send the data to. My backups take about 1-2 minutes using a Sabrent USB 3.0 dock and the original 80 gb drive that came with this PC.

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So Tonite I am bored and figured I’d share a bit about myself and what I do here.

Sizzling BaconObviously I own and run this site among numerous other sites which I cross advertise from one to the other to keep folks visiting and keep thing interesting. But today I was thinking about what really motivates me. It turns out that it is quite simple. I love the rush of challenges/learning.

Yep, it is that simple. When I decided to take a really old PC, by today’s tech standards, and make it into a viable web server I simply had to learn new stuff. So in a matter of a few months I learned how to run a server on a virtual machine, what I needed to make that machine reliable and then how to fix it when it got hacked a bit.

Turns out that each database failure taught me new lessons. Every upgrade brought new hills to climb and that every experiment taught me something.

The real truth is I look forward to coming home from work and finding that I need to change or upgrade something! I am completely bored when the server chugs on and backups work perfectly and there is simply nothing new to learn.

For instance a few month’s back I was getting a zillion comments from sites that were obviously trying to use for promotions and or to lure folks into their phishing sites. So what did I do? I learned to use my cheap router to block many an IP address and then spent a few hours learning how to use IPTables in Linux to block whole IP blocks. It was a royal pain in the ass, but, I got to learn new stuff and it turns out that today, or any average day I only end up having to block at most, 2 Chinese sites, from attempted hacks, advertising posts or simple mischief.

When I first started this site, I figured my issues would be with too many folks wanting a free site and then installing plugins that simply killed the server. Turns out that apparently I have misjudged humanity at large because only 1 person has actually bothered to setup a site and very few, if any folks visit this site, except those with bad intent.

So that’s where I am at currently. When are you going to step up, ask for a site and try it out? It will give me something to do. I enjoy helping folks and teaching what little I know to others. So register today, after reading the rules, and then follow the damned simple instructions.

That is all…


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So upon further review…I like the Car Demon Plugin…but…


update-08/02/2015: this site has been reset and is once again available for visitors to try as a test site…

So lately I have been using one of the test sites here to test out a nifty plugin that I was interested in. It is called Car Demons and is a very nice, well written plugin that I talked about in the previous post to this one.

There is great support and there are a few glitches. The basic concept is great! But…and there are the usual “buts” here. You do need to be quite the WP Guru to use it and even after hashing out the issues I had at first, that involved not having the mod-rewrite module loaded in Apache, I still have one single HUGE issue.

That “huge” issue is the cars display fine but the damned prices don’t! Let’s face it folks, when people are “shopping” for a car, what the hell is their main priority? Yeah, price! I can get past the fact that the writer of the plugin uses some funky language to describe certain features, such as Anti-Brake? Yeah, that would be anti-lock brakes, at least here in the USA. And featuring Tire pressure Monitoring as a feature? Well, it has been mandatory here since 2008. But those minor issues aside, the price thing is just bugging the hell out of me!

So once again I am asking for a wee bit of help here.  Go on over to and login as yfwp3 with a password of…yfwp3 and proceed to the fixing!  Do whatever it takes. This is a dev site, so if you break it totally it is a simple matter of re-uploading a few files and starting again. Have at it folks!

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Okay Geniuses make it work! Testing a plugin…need some help.

Update 07/15/2015: Last night after doing a bit of research on WordPress.Org I discovered that I needed to have mod-rewrite loaded in my apache configuration so my links would work properly. That has pretty much fixed all issues with this plugin.

So for the last several day I have been trying something that comes close to the vLot software but using WordPress. So far this is the closest thing I have found and it is a plugin called Car Demon.

The basics are nice, but as yet I don’t see an easy way to make this the default way of displaying the WP site…..

So if anyone wants to play….

So log your asses in, make this work and then tell me how you did it….

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